Studielink is a national registration database in the Netherlands used for the enrolment of students.

It is also used for organising your registration, payment of tuition fees, signing out and changing your correspondence address. 

The first step in the IBA application process is to register in Studielink. 

  • Studielink opens on the 1 October, 2022.
  • The deadline to register is 15 January, 2023.23:59 CET (Central European Time).

Step 1: Go to Studielink and create an account.

Dutch residents can only log in using the DigiD.  Apply on time for your DigiD as it takes approximately five days to receive your DigiD login details. 

Step 2: Enter your previous education.

Step 3: Register for IBA: 

  • Erasmus Universiteit, 
  • enter ‘Bachelor International Business Administration (English) (numerus fixus)’, 
  • start as ‘first-year’, 
  • starting date: '1 September 2023'. 
  • DO NOT SELECT 'ADVANCED YEAR'! Even if you have completed your first year elsewhere, you must select 'first-year'. 

Automatic mails: You can ignore the emails asking to send your diploma or a copy of your passport / ID to education institution. Instead you will upload these documents to the RSM Online Application Form (OLAF).

This is not the actual application! Only once you have completed the 2nd step of the process, the  RSM Online Application Form (OLAF), you will be considered an applicant.

For technical questions regarding logging in or your password, please contact the Erasmus Student Service Centre.