In order to ensure that we receive your application in good order, make sure to use your own (unique) e-mail address. Avoid using your current school email as this may be blocked once you have graduated from school and we will not be able to contact you, and you might miss important information. Also, try not to use your parents' e-mail, particularly if the e-mail was previously used for another sibling applying to IBA. If you are using an agent to submit your application on your behalf, we strongly recommend that the agent uses your e-mail address. Agents often send applications for multiple students using the same e-mail address for all applicants. Our internal system does not recognise students with the same e-mail address and your application will therefore not be processed properly.

You can change your e-mail address in Studielink but make sure to also notify the RSM Admissions Office via our contact form if your e-mail address changes.