After applying for a study at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University in Studielink, you will receive a mail containing your ERNA credentials (username and password). An ERNA consists of your Student Number+ Initials (for example and a password.

With the ERNA credentials, you will have access to the Online Application Form for RSM's BScIBA, premaster and MSc programmes.

For the duration of your studies at the Erasmus University, the ERNA credentials will also be your access code for ICT facilities, email, wifi etc.

If you have started the application process in Studielink but did not receive your ERNA login details, please contact the Erasmus Student Service Centre (ESSC). 

Please note that if you have applied to Erasmus University in the past you will not receive new ERNA details, you will need to use the ERNA you have already received.