The admissions season for the BSc International Business Administration programme starts on the 1st of October. 

Due to possible effects of the corona pandemic on the grades of applicants graduating in 2022, points will be awarded during the selection process based on:

  • the grades from your penultimate year (the year before your final year)
  • AND the grades you have obtained during the first half of your final year.

Click here for further details. 

We advise you to submit your application only after you have received the grades from the first half of your final year. Just keep in mind that the final deadline to submit the application is 31 January.

Before that, can already start with the following steps in OLAF:

  • fill in your personal details and education details
  • write your motivation/CV
  • upload required documents such as your penultimate year grades and the RSM diploma statement form which needs to be filled in and signed by your school. For a list of all the required documents and further instructions, check the admissions pages.

Already graduated from High School?
We advise you to submit your application as soon as possible, because you already have all the grades needed for the evaluation.