Next to meeting the minimum requirements for the MSc International Management, applicants also go through the CEMS selection interview. This additional selection is due to the limited number of places in the programme and the limited number of exchange spots.

After the 31 January deadline, all eligible applicants will be ranked based on their Grade Point Average (GPA) or GMAT score (whichever is applicable). Based on this ranking approximately 100 students will be invited to the interview round. The exact number depends on the amount and quality of applications.

The online interview will focus on your motivation to participate in the programme as well as two key CEMS competencies: initiative taking and result orientation. 

The final ranking will be made in the beginning of March and is based on the Grade Point Average (GPA) or GMAT score as well as the scores of the selection interview.

Depending on the number of available exchange spots, approximately 75 students will be selected for the programme and receive an offer of admission.

For additional information regarding the selection process for the MSc International Management/CEMS programme, please check the how to apply pages