Why have I been denied admission? 

The evaluation of your application has been done by comparing the documents and information you have provided in your application to the admissions requirements of the programme you have applied for. The reason(s) of denial have been listed in the denial message. 

Stage 1: Contact the Admissions Office by email. 

In case you see that a clear error has been made in the evaluation or you don’t understand the reason(s) of denial, the first step is to contact the RSM Admissions Office by email. When responding to the denial, keep your message concise and explain the situation clearly. You can add extra documents, such as course descriptions, to support your message. Within 5-10 working days, the RSM Admissions Office will get back to you with further information. In most cases the application will be re-evaluated. At the least, you will be offered a further explanation of the reason(s) of denial.

Stage 2: Further discussion via Teams/phone.

In case the RSM Admissions Office does not change its decision and you do not find our motivation sufficient; you can plan a Teams Call with one of the RSM Admissions Officers. During this call you’ll have the opportunity to further discuss the admissions decision. If you would like to file an official appeal, you will be informed further about the appeal procedure during the call.

Stage 3: Official Appeal.

If, after going through the first two stages listed above you decide to continue with the appeal procedure, you will need to file the official appeal within 6 weeks after you were notified of the initial decision. Every university has its own Examination Appeals Board (in Dutch: College van Beroep voor de Examens / CBE). The CBE is charged with, among other tasks, evaluating decisions taken by the RSM Admissions Office. The CBE will have a look at your Notice of Appeal and ask the Admissions Office whether an amicable settlement has been reached. The Admissions Office can submit a Notice of opposition. Both parties will be invited to a formal hearing, where the parties will be given the opportunity to explain their points of view. More information about the Appeal Examinations Board can be found on the EUR website