What is a double degree?

A double degree is an academic credential that is issued by two education institutions. In most cases, the student will receive a diploma from each institution. Double degree programmes differ in set up. Sometimes a student will study for an equal amount of time at each school, and sometimes the largest portion of the programme will be followed at one of the two institutions.

If you have done a double degree programme, please be sure to send documentation that clearly states which courses were taken at which institution.

How is a double degree evaluated?

When evaluating a double degree, RSM looks at the programme as a whole. Sometimes half of the programme was done at a research university and the other half was done at a university of applied science. In that case, we would look at the programme content to determine if you would need to do a premaster or not.

How are the grades of double degree's calculated?

When part of the programme was done in the Netherlands and part outside of the Netherlands, you will often have grades from both systems. When calculating your GPA we will not convert the grades from the foreign education system to the Dutch system. This is because grades are given in a cultural context and can therefore not be accurately converted from one grading system to another.