(International) Economics and Business Economics (Erasmus School of Economics)

Students from the EBE and IBEB programmes are usually eligible for most of the RSM MSc programmes, as the bachelor contains at least 40 EC's of business administration content. The only exception to this is the MSc in Supply Chain Management, as this supply chain / operations is not a standard component in the bachelor. 

Applicants planning to pursue the MSc in Supply Chain Management at RSM are therefore recommended to follow the major in Urban, Port and Transport Economics or take an additional course Supply Chain Management as an elective.

International Bachelor in Communication (IBCom)

Applicants completing the International Bachelor in Communication and Media at Erasmus University, can continue to the MSc programmes listed below, at Rotterdam School of Management (RSM).  For some* of the master programmes you need to take specific courses during your bachelor, which are listed in the IBCom-RSM admissions matrix.

  • MScBA Master in Management
  • MScBA Accounting & Financial Management
  • MScBA Business Analytics & Management
  • MSc in Marketing Management*
  • MSc in Global Business & Sustainability*
  • MSc in People, Organisations & Change*
  • MSc in Strategic Entrepreneurship*

Erasmus University College (EUC)

Applicants completing their bachelor at Erasmus University College (EUC), can continue to MSc programmes at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM). For many of the masters, certain tracks and additional courses are required. Specific details are listed in the EUC-RSM matrix.

Other EUR faculties

Students from other EUR faculties are generally eligible for at least one of the MSc programmes offered by RSM. You can apply for admission to the programme you are most interested in, and if the content of your bachelor is not a direct match, the RSM Admissions Office will try to offer you any possible alternatives. Students who have studied things like Law, may first need to enrol in our premaster first due to missing research methods and statistics components.