You can only apply online. No other means are available to apply for our Bachelor programme. The application procedure for International Business Administration (IBA) consists of two parts:

  1. Registration in the Dutch national web-based registration database Studielink which is mandatory for all applicants. Studielink opens on the 1 October 2023 and closes on 15 January 2024 at 23:59 CET (Central European Time). This is not the actual application! Only once you have completed the 2nd step of the process, the  RSM Online Application Form (OLAF), you will be considered an applicant. If you are not successfully registered in Studielink by the national deadline, it will not be possible to apply. No exceptions can be made.
  2. Within 24 hours of a successful registration via Studielink you will receive your log in details (also known as ERNA credentials) and a link to the RSM Online Application Form (OLAF). You must fill in and submit the Online Application Form (OLAF) by 31 January. OLAF closes on 31 January 2024 at 23:59 CET (Central European Time). View the application steps on the website. We strongly advise you to apply well in advance of the 31 January application deadline to avoid any issues that may arise.