On 15 April all applicants who submitted a complete application in the online application form (OLAF) will receive a rank number via e-mail from Studielink. Applicants with rank number 1 to 750 will also receive a second e-mail from Studielink with an offer for the programme, which must be either accepted or declined in Studielink within 14 days. Failure to respond to your offer within 14 days will automatically result in loss of the spot in the programme.

Applicants with rank number 751 and higher will automatically be put on a waiting list. If someone with an offer for the programme decides to decline their offer, it will be automatically assigned to the next person on the waiting list. IMPORTANT: You will remain on the waiting list for the IBA programme as long as you do not withdraw your registration in Studielink. If you withdraw your registration for IBA, your rank number will be passed over by Studielink and you will not be offered a place in the programme even if your number is called. The last number will be issued on 1 August.