RSM will calculate your GPA using all the grades earned in the bachelor programme that grants access to the (pre)master programme you are applying for. Grades earned on an exchange outside the Dutch education system will not be used in the calculation as grades from different education systems cannot be fairly converted. Courses done on exchange will however be included when looking at programme content.

RSM will calculate your GPA using a weighted average – which means that courses worth more credits will weigh heavier in the calculation than courses worth fewer credits. 

Courses used in the GPA calculation must have been taken at accredited higher education institutions. 

Students who have done a second bachelor or (part of) a master can request that these courses be added to the calculation. These courses will then be added to the weighted calculation. When making such a request, please note that we when you request that we add these extra credits to the calculation you must add ALL the courses of the extra bachelor or master. It is not possible to only add the “good” grades.