Stage 1: Contact the Admissions Office by email. 

In case you do not agree with your ranking number, or you think that the admissions office has not considered some of the information you have submitted in your application, you should raise your concerns by contacting the RSM Admissions Office by email. When responding to the message about your ranking number, keep your message concise and explain the situation clearly. You can add extra documents to support your message. Within 5-10 working days, the RSM Admissions Office will get back to you with further information. In most cases the application will be re-evaluated. At the very least, you will be offered a further explanation of the reason(s) of denial. It might be that we already find a solution and there is no need for an official objection.

Stage 2: Official Objection.

If, after going through the first stage listed above you decide to continue with the objection procedure, you will need to file the official appeal within 6 weeks after you were notified of the initial decision to the Student Objection Advisory Committee (in Dutch: Geschillenadviescommissie / GAS). After filing the official appeal, you will be invited for a hearing. You will receive the admission’s office written response to your objection before the hearing, so you can respond to it during the hearing. The GAS will advise the Appeal Examination Board (College van Bestuur/CvB) and the CvB will make the final decision regarding your objection, taking into account the advice received from the GAS.

More information about the Student Objection Advisory Committee can be found on the EUR website