Applicants who will obtain a bachelor from a research university (WO) or equivalent must have sufficient credits in qualitative and quantitative research methods and statistics in order to be directly eligible to the MSc programmes.

In order to give you a better idea of the qualitative and quantitative research methods and statistics requirement, check the curriculum of our own bachelor programme. Generally speaking, quantitative and qualitative research methods and statistics are courses that prepare students for conducting their research during their final thesis.

RSM business administration students complete several research courses such as:


  • Quantitative decision making
  • Statistics
  • Spreadsheet modelling


  • Philosophy of Science
  • Extensive research project 
  • Advanced research training

Ultimately the RSM Admissions Office will decide whether the research methods and statistics courses you have completed during your studies match the admissions requirements of the MSc programme you're applying for. 

If your bachelor does not cover the required research methods and statistics, you may be offered a spot in our Premaster programme.

We can only give you accurate advice regarding your academic credentials by checking your academic transcripts which you submit as a part of the application process.

For this reason, we encourage you to simply go ahead and apply for admission.