In many countries, academic transcripts typically include two GPA (Grade Point Average) calculations: one per semester and another for the entire study program. In some cases, the GPA is computed only upon program completion. If your transcript lacks a pre-calculated GPA, the admissions office will compute one for you. Please be aware that the RSM Admissions Office will have the final say on whether your GPA is sufficient or not.

For exchange students, grades will factor into the GPA calculation only if they are converted to the Dutch grading system by your university (relevant for students from Dutch research or applied sciences universities). Normally, grades earned outside the Dutch education system won't be included in the GPA calculation because they can't be equitably translated. RSM doesn't convert grades obtained outside of the Dutch education system for RSM students.

To calculate your GPA, you can use Excel. Follow these steps:

  1. In column A, input your earned grades.
  2. In column B, enter the credits earned for each course.
  3. Once you've entered all grades and credits, use the following formulas in the spreadsheet:

In cell B5 =SUM(B1:B4); In column C =SUM(A1*B1), =SUM(A2*B2) etc; In cell C5 =SUM(C1:C4)/B5 This last answer is your GPA.

When a course does not have a grade, but only “pass” or “fail”, this course can not be used in the GPA calculation.