In many countries official academic transcripts contain a GPA (Grade Point Average) - calculated per semester, and another calculated over the entire study programme. In some cases a GPA will only be calculated once the programme has been completed. If your transcript does not contain a pre-calculated GPA, the admissions office will calculate one for you. Please note that the RSM Admissions Office will ultimately determine whether your GPA is sufficient or not. Grades earned on exchange will only be included in the GPA calculation if they are translated to the Dutch grading system by your university (only applicable for students coming from Dutch research or applied sciences universities). Normally speaking, we will not include grades earned on exchange in the GPA calculation because grades earned outside the Dutch education system cannot be fairly translated.  RSM does not convert grades earned outside of the Dutch education system for RSM students.  

The easiest way to calculate your GPA yourself is to use Excel. You can use the example below to make the calculation. In column A you should enter the grades you have earned so far. In column B you need to enter the credits earned for each course. When you have entered all the grades and credits, you need to put the following formulas into the spreadsheet:

In cell B5 =SUM(B1:B4); In column C =SUM(A1*B1), =SUM(A2*B2) etc; In cell C5 =SUM(C1:C4)/B5 This last answer is your GPA.