The General Management Admission Test (GMAT) and is used by business schools worldwide to assess skills deemed necessary for success at the graduate school level. 

Where can I take the test: Almost every country has at least one GMAT test center. You can check the availability in your country via the official GMAT website. Take into account that test dates can fill up quickly, particularly during peak testing periods, so we urge you to register to take the exam as early as possible to avoid disappointment. 

How much does it cost: The current fee is dependent on the country in which you are taking the exam. The costs of the test are NOT covered by RSM. 

What is tested: The GMAT exam consists of 4 parts: quantitative, verbal, analytical writing assessment and integrated reasoning. You only need to complete the quantitative and verbal parts, as only those contribute to your overall score.

The GMAT Focus edition is comprised of three sections that showcase the specific skills needed to succeed in a graduate management program: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Data Insights

For more information on exam content and information on how and where to register for the exam, please visit the official GMAT website: Preparation materials such as books and software applications are available to help you study for the GMAT exam and can be purchased on-line or in major book stores. RSM strongly advises you to prepare for the GMAT well in advance.

The minimum required score for the old version is 600. The minimum required score for the Focus version is 605. Lower scores will not be accepted.

For more information regarding these score requirements please see the following FAQ: How did RSM determine the minimum requirement for the Focus Edition?

Verification of the scores: 

GMAT exam results can only be verified online. For this you need to give RSM permission to access your score.

  • Request for your score report to be sent to RSM when taking the test. The GMAT code for RSM is QK8-CX-28
  • You can also request for this to be done after the test, but GMAT charges extra fees for this.
  • RSM also accepts the unofficial score report which you will receive right after taking the test as long as we can verify your score later.