RSM accepts English course/test results at C1.1 level (CEFR) taken at any accredited university of applied science or research university within the EU/EEA. All aspects of the language must have been included in the test (reading, writing, listening and speaking skills).

You must be able to provide proof of this in your application. Accepted forms of proof are:

  • a course certificate clearly indicating the the obtained level
  • an official statement, filled in and signed by your university (you can also have your university fill in the RSM provided English Proficiency form)

NOTE: Online tests, such as the OLS (Online Linguistics Support for Erasmus+) or Oxford Online Placement test are not accepted.

The Language & Training Centre (LTC) of Erasmus University, Rotterdam offers intake tests throughout the year, which will determine your current level of proficiency, as well as English courses from September onwards. 

Current RSM BA students are recommended to take the ABC-Skills (B3EL102) as it accepted for admission as English proof.

If you have graduated from RSM BA, the following courses are also accepted:

  • Language course English level C1.1 (BKB1035-C)
  • English business speaking and writing skills (BKB1035-D)

If you were an RSM BA student and during the academic year 2020-2021 and you completed the APTIS English test as a part of the course Professionele Ontwikkeling II (POII), please be aware that this test is not valid proof when applying for a MSc programme at RSM, because at the time the test was not proctored.