Many of our applicants doubt whether the courses they have taken during their bachelor studies are sufficient for the master programme they are applying for.

It is our experience that degree programmes vary greatly in content. Therefore it's not possible to give you accurate advice regarding your academic credentials without first checking your transcripts which you submit as a part of the application process.

For this reason, we encourage you to simply go ahead and apply for admission.

You can even apply before you have your GMAT or English proficiency results as long as you add these to your application before the application deadline or before the programme you're applying for has reached maximum capacity (whichever occurs first).

For MSc applicants, if after our evaluation we see that you’re not eligible for the programme you applied for, we will automatically evaluate your application for other MSc programmes that are still open and let you know if we can offer you any alternatives.

Remember to check out the detailed admission criteria for each master.