Premaster’s programmes are designed for specific master’s programmes and are not automatically interchangeable. For this reason, the most logical pathway is to do the premaster at the university where you intend to complete your MSc degree.

Direct admission to the MSc programmes of RSM after the successful completion of a premaster from another accredited Dutch higher education institution is only possible if the premaster is deemed to be comparable to RSM’s premaster and a minimum of 29 EC in research methods and statistics followed in a Dutch research university is required. Furthermore, for students applying for for the academic year starting in September 2024, applicants who wish to be admitted to RSM with a non-RSM premaster need to have had a GPA of at least a 7.3 for their HBO bachelor.

RSM has special agreements in place for premaster students from the Breda University of Applied Science, Hotel School the Hague, Rotterdam University of Applied Science and Avans University of Applied Science. Students from these institutions can request additional information from their programme coordinator.