RSM aims to attract applicants with GMAT scores in the 70th percentile. Consequently, the minimum requirement for the new GMAT Focus Edition has been set at 605. Over the past five years, the average score of RSM applicants has been 650, which is equivalent to the 70th percentile in the old test format.

Although GMAT score percentiles have increased in recent years, RSM has maintained a minimum requirement of 600. A score of 600 achieved in 2012 put the applicant in the 70th percentile. However the GMAT scores have undergone inflation, with a score of 600 in the old test now being comparable to the 55th percentile. Considering RSM's preference for applicants in the 70th percentile, it is logical to set the score requirement for the GMAT Focus Edition at 605. For more information on score comparisons between the old test and the Focus Edition, visit

We understand that during the transition period, you may feel uncertain about the score requirement. Some students may even perceive these changes as unfair. Rest assured that RSM is committed to conducting ongoing research and updating the requirements based on the latest developments. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact the RSM Admissions Team.