In each education system grade point averages (GPA's) are expressed differently. The RSM Admissions Office will ultimately decide whether a GPA is sufficient or not.

Applicants with a diploma from outside of The Netherlands

If you are completing your degree outside of The Netherlands, the RSM Admissions office would like to see that you have an above average GPA in your education system. As GPA's from different education systems are difficult to compare, it is required that all students completing a bachelor diploma outside of the Netherlands to complete a GMAT exam. For this reason, a list of GPA requirements per education system is not provided for master and premaster admission.

Your GPA in combination with your GMAT results will be considered. Please provide an academic transcript with a diploma supplement explaining your countries grading system in your OLAF application if possible.

The minimum GMAT score required for the old format is 600. The GMAT score required for the GMAT Focus is 605. 

Applicants with a Dutch diploma

Master applicants who will obtain their bachelor’s degree at a Dutch research University (WO) must meet the GPA requirement of a 7.0 or higher. A 6.95 will be rounded off to A 7.0. University of applied sciences (HBO) students must have an overall grade point average of 7.3 or higher. A GPA of 7.25 will be rounded off to a 7.3. 

For this group of applicants, the GMAT score can't be used to compensate for an insufficient GPA.